Electronic Materials

Using standardized tests like IPC, ASTM, ISO, and other methods, thermal analysis tests a large number of materials used in the electronics industry, such as silicon wafers, printed circuit boards, photo-resists, and packing, to name a few. In addition, thermal analysis also tests the packaging material in which electronic products are shipped  (see polymers).

Common tests include:
  • Glass transitions by DSC, TMA or DMA
  • Curing studies
  • Photo-resists and photo-cured adhesives studies
  • Modulus and damping properties by DMA
  • Thermal Expansion in X, Y, or Z axis (size stability) by TMA
  • Delamination by TMA
  • Solvent exposure testing in DMA
  • Quality control on plastic coverings and coatings
  • Confirmation of Polymer type and grade by FTIR and DSC
  • Melting point on solders, alloys, and other materials
  • Curie point transitions in metals
  • Outgassing and thermal stability
  • Filler content

Melting of a Low Temperature Solder by STAElectronics 1

Delamination of a PCBElectronics 2