Thermogravimetric Analysis coupled to Fourier Transform Infrared (TG-IR)

Coupled or hyphenated techniques in thermal analysis represent an attempt to better correlate the thermal changes in a material to its chemical or structural changes. A serious concern in using TGA is that the relation of a weight loss at 100ºC to what comes off is assumed based on experience and historic data.  Evolved Gas Analysis, which are the techniques that analyze the off-gases from a TGA sample, addresses these issues.

TG-IR couples a TGA to a FTIR, in our case using a Redshift heated transfer line. This technology uses transfer lines that apply both a balance flow approach as well as a specially designed zero gravity effect gas cell for maximum performance. This allows the gas released from the sample in the TGA, either as contained volatiles or byproducts of composition, to be transferred to the FTIR. Specialized TGIR software allows the collection of data as a function of time, and allows one to view the target IR spectra at a certain point and analyze it to determine the components.

What we offer:

  • TG-IR scans on samples

  • TG-IR scan analysis

  • Material detection/targeted search